Monday, 2 March 2015

Valentine's Night, spring, Julian Clary and old and new videos and podcastsBarb and Davide at The Purcell Room, Valentine's Night 2015…..

So happy today to see this Matthew Lynch Inside out film made for the BBC on youtube at last. Of course there's a bit in there where I'm a tad cross with time wasting, so thanks a lot Matt I-thought-you- were-my-friend for keeping that in! Lovely also that it shows rehearsals both with the fabulous Gareth Fuller and the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir, and also me with the band in rehearsal at Mark Brennan's studio, and the stage and the Corby audience at the concert and of course a few teeny tiny clips of us working with Antony Weeden and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Valentine's Night at The Purcell Room was a total joy. Sometimes it all just hangs together and you don't know how and you don't know why, it just does. It was one of those nights. Simon Wallace and Davide Mantovani played beautifully and the audience was terrific and the house was full. Essentially the force was with us, we were in the flow and coursing down the river of song. Glorious. And afterwards a bunch of us went to Ping Pong and ate our bodyweight in Dim Sum and drank it in prosecco. Here are some of the wonderful Habie Schwarz's photos from it all……

Barb and Davide at The Purcell Room, Valentine's Night 2015
Barb at The Purcell Room, Valentine's Night 2015
Grooving to Simon Wallace's piano at The Purcell Room, Valentine's Night 2015
There have been some lovely UK shows, too, In Didcot and Diss in Norfolk, and the Sunday residency at Crazy Coqs with my great mate Julian Clary was a triumph. Its always fab to go back and sing all those songs together again, but we put a couple of new country duets into the mix, and they were hilarious. We managed to share the dressing room, too - which for those who know the Crazy Coqs is actually a cupboard, and here's the selfie to prove it!

Julian and Barb hot to trot in the Crazy Coqs' hilarious dressing room.
And finally, I realised that there were a ton of fabulous songs on the Cheek2Cheek film Chansons Encore that we made ages ago when I had long hair, at New Greenham Arts, with their wonderful film production team. And they've found this rap I did years ago about Battersea Park, before singing the song "Where Are You  Now?" which I share since there's very little of my raps on youtube.

So. Its spring. I'm soon off to Barton on Humber to the fabulous Ropery Hall, and the new Rialto in Brighton to do my chansons.

Hope to see you among the daffodils.

Till then,

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and Namaste,

Barb xxx

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