Sunday, 9 August 2015

Connecticut The Beatles Shirley Jones new Video and more

So here we are, as the sun sets over Waterford public beach, and all the members of the 2015 Cabaret Conference head homewards, some of us to other continents, some to NY City, and what a wonderful 2 weeks we had.

On the rocks at Linda Mariani's party for us all at her gorgeous seafront house. 
The last couple of days went in a blur with the legendary Shirley Jones visiting us and performing and talking with us and giving us a window into her Hollywood life. What a dream of a woman - still gorgeous at 82, still singing, and so smart and witty. We all managed to crowbar ourselves into photos with her, I wish I'd have been in slightly more glamorous gear for mine, but it was in the middle of a teaching day…..thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Lennie Watts and I with the great Shirley Jones
A few days before we'd had a superb day off and we'd all been invited to Linda Mariani's beautiful waterfront home for cocktails and canap├ęs and we'd stumbled over the rocks tipsy with sun and freedom.

That break was so welcome as the day before John McDaniel and I launched/birthed, whatever, our new Beatles collection Come Together. This is us at the encore. There'll be video soon. And here it is!

Thank you Vasily Senin for making this fab video of our new show.

At the encore of Come Together O'Neill Center, Waterford, Connecticut.

So here's some photos Vinnie took of the show

And here is Vasily Senin with Molly Pope and I after the Gala ending show.

With the wonderful Lennie Watts with whom I worked.

Lennie Watts and I.

And now its a few days of getting my head together and I'm off to mix the new album. So here's a taster shot from the session in July in New York.

Michael Olatuja on bass at Sear Sound NYC

And straight after  mixing I'm at the Edinburgh Festival doing 3 shows of Come Together with John McDaniel, have you booked yet?

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