Sunday, 28 February 2016

Shelter from the Storm, Nina reviews and Stars Lazy Video and flower obsessions.....

Obsessed with flowers. Is that wrong? The beauty of the landscape. I'm about to write about it all and the connection of nature to music for a jazz website, and truthfully, if I don't see some trees and a horizon at least once a week, its a bad week. There's something about air and space, and the things that grow in air and space, that makes all of life a little bit lighter, no matter whats going on in the world. So here's the video for the song Laurence Hobgood, who's soon over to tour with me launching the new Shelter from the Storm album, and I, wrote; Stars Lazy But Shining. The lyric came to me when I was in Long Island at John Mcdaniel's lovely house on the Sound, and my window looked out onto a sky alive with stars. There are deer everywhere, there, and out of the window, dense forest growing. The wind was blowing and the night was alive. I sent the lyric to Laurence and he found the verse fast, and then we worked together on the chorus and middle section, bouncing it all back and forth.

The photos are from several continents, and places that I've loved and visited sometimes a lot - like the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, where the annual spring azalea display is glorious. There's a glimpse of The Blue Mountains in Australia, which is an utterly extraordinary place. The eucalyptus covered mountains go on forever. Its a holy place to the ancients there, and you can feel it. I've seen Lyre birds on a morning walk on the forest floor, a rare sight.

These pelicans live in St James' Park down the road from me in London, the clock is the mediaeval Astronomer's Clock in Prague, as are the late summer rose gardens. There's some of Central Park and a great view of Manhattan from the Jersey City shore just by Hoboken. A lot of sea views from the Isle of Wight last summer and a couple of fine beaches, one near Chichester, West Wittering and one in Connecticut. There's a little bit of Devon and Dorset, and a little bit of the Nene Valley in Northamptonshire and a country lane near Corby. Some coastal paths and a lot of flowers, particularly bluebell woods - possibly one of the most beautiful things about the British spring.

The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond had a music season and booked the Nina collection, and it was the most wonderful gig. The music was a river and the audience were just beautiful. Couldn't have been a better night and Alex Ramon reviewed it, here -

Shelter from the Storm is getting great reviews, 4 stars in Jazzwise and a lovely Sunday Times review. They're all posted on the official Facebook page

And the tour starts soon. Tickets available still for some shows - we visit Liverpool, London 4 nights at Dean Street's Soho Jazz Club, Newbury (opening night), Corby, Bury St Edmunds, Portsmouth, Maidstone Pizza Express Jazz Club - its all here...

So, there you have it. Flowers, walking, and touring. Thats a spring, if ever I saw one! See you I hope at one of the shows, and the album is everywhere - iTunes, Amazon and Linn Records - all details here

See you at one of these shows....US shows in May on the website soon and already booking at Joe's Pub now -

Happy Spring !

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