Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lion Hunting at Polka Theatre and Come Together Barb Jungr and John McDaniel sing The Beatles and tour in November UK

Am just sitting with my feet up after a long month of hard days in the theatre working with the most wonderful creative team led by Director Peter Glanville at the wonderful children's theatre Polka, in Wimbledon. If you have small children anywhere in your purview take them to Polka where world class theatre is made. I wish there had been such places when I was a child, of course now thats before the wheel and fire came to my town but its such a beautiful place, the vibe is beyond compare. Its not just children, but people, friendly. If there's hope for the world its in places like this. This is what we've been doing there.....

Here are some photos of the extraordinary puppets and set, made by two wonderful people, Sam Wyer and Laure McEwen, respectively. Fabulous lighting by Will Evans and great stage management by Nick Graham. And two beautiful performers in Phil Yarrow and Clare Eales-White.

The Townspeople led by the Mayor about to get a shock in How To Hide A Liom

Iris and the Lion make friends.

Here's the Lion hiding in a bath in the show

And a great review for the show in The Guardian, here

And after my evening's rest I'm off to see someone else work tomorrow, Mike Lindup is on tour with Level 42 so Jamie Safiruddin and I head out to Watford to boogie with the best of them. I'm taking every breath I can as in 2 weeks I'm on tour with the fabulous John McDaniel doing our Beatles material which is now out on CD too. You can check it all out here

and theres info on it all here

with lots of other links for buying it on download and hard copy and streaming and all that jazz.

Here's the new Beatles CD

Today we had a wonderful review in the esteemed USA magazine, Jazz Times, whose review of Shelter From The Storm reads. "What matters is the exquisite quality of the work...its immense value heightened by three Jungr/Hobgood originals, including an astute nod to Nina Simone." Read more here.....

Jazz Times review of Shelter From The Storm
There's some lovely video of this show live at Dean Street from March this year, here -

So the tour of the Beatles material from the album and celebrating that gorgeous songwriting, goes all over the country, and some shows still have availability. We go to Berlin,

The Cinnamon Club in Bowden

and The Swan Dobcross for 2 nights

Deal's Astor Theatre

Shoreham Ropetackle

also Live at Zedel 2 shows

Faversham is sold out already.

And here's a little promo of the Beatles collection filmed where we began the collaboration, in Connecticut at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

Happy Winter and Hope to see you at one of these!

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