Monday, 9 September 2019

Bob, Brel and Me is OUT!

Tremendously exciting to have the release of Bob, Brel and Me out and for several times last week being Number One in the Amazon Vocal Jazz Charts.

We want to keep it that way obviously so we are working our hardest across the board to let everyone know about the recording. Sharing everything and getting people to listen on iTunes and buy it on the online shop at the website or amazon or wherever -

Its the best piece of work I've ever done and I am so proud of it and thrilled with all the amazing work the musicians and arrangers brought because they all gave their best, as did Robb Johnson on the translations and Steve on the photos and design.

So much of it all is in these new reviews, so thank you to Adrian for this

to Ange at We Are Cult for this

to Alex Ramon for the feature interview at PopMatters

to Matthew Ruddick for this 5 star review at Kind Of Jazz

to Sammy Stein for Something Else album review here

and to Culture Fix for this 5 star live review of the show in Edinburgh here

Billy Watson kindly did some filming for us in Edinburgh and we have a wonderful set of live videos including this one, here

We start touring at the end of the month and we are going to some great places - The Cinnamon Bowden begins and then Richmond Yorks, then a whole bunch taking in Milton Keynes, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, and more. All the dates and the online shop and all informations is here -

So come on, join us, please share and listen and buy and gift and help make Bob, Brel and Me known throughout the cosmos! We love you all.

Barb xxx

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