Sunday, 22 October 2017

old tracks surface on youtube soul boys and lovers of camp come all ye

So finding old things I don't even have copied of is a wonderful thing, thank you you tube and fans. There's this, which was released 1983! 1983? I can barely remember it. I mustve been there I guess, because I know I wrote this and remember recording it in the middle of the night, when we could get free studios down time in the big studios all over London. Thank you friendly engineer friends! Funnily I feel the lyric of this as acutely as the day I wrote it.

Then there's this. One of the first things my then husband and I recorded. Noteworthy also because I played the bass, wrote it and we recorded it in the bacon factory.

And a day wouldn't be a day without sharing a bit of the work we all did with Julian Clary. So here's Mincing Machine and there I am with very short hair indeed. And alot younger.

So thats today's sharing.

I've been remiss about blogging, but thats all changing.

More to come!

Postscript - Very saddened to read of the passing of NY cabaret favourite Barry Z who interviewed me for his channel in 2007. Its here, and I want to say thank you, Barry, for all you did for all of us, and for your enthusiasm and madcap craziness, which everyone loved.

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