Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's Day at the Purcell Room and talking Bob Dylan and podcasts

Tomorrow I'm rehearsing for The Purcell Room Valentine's special I'm doing - have you booked? Do, cos tickets are going fast now - and we are doing the best collection of love songs. I've titled the show my Funny Valentin - Songs For the Wild at Heart. Partly because my hearts pretty wild and partly because those are the kind of love songs I love above all, for example my version of Wichita Lineman, I Saw The Light, I Love Paris, Sweet Thames Flow Softly - its a brilliant collection of songs though I say it myself and the superb Davide Mantovani is on double bass with of course the wonderful Simon Wallace on piano. Here's info and tickets and all

My Funny Valentine - songs for the wild at heart - The Purcell Room, SBC, 14th Feb 2015.
Last Monday night I was at The Islington Pub, which is amazingly in Islington, to talk about Bob Dylan for near 2 hours with musician Sid Griffin, writer David Hepworth and DJ and journalist Mark Ellen. The room was packed to bursting. The Bobcats were there. We were united in our delight in, and  fascination with, all things Bob. Here we are afterwards the 4 of us, in the bar - surprise surprise -

Mark Ellen, Sid Griffin, Barb and David Hepworth at the Word In Your Ear Bobcast recording

David Hepworth's blog on more Dylan thoughts is here

Gorgeous way to spend a freezing Monday night in London. Here's the big piece in the American magazine that gave a load of the Dylan new album away, for the Bobcats reading today -

And afterwards film maker Mathew Lynch, performer and writer Kerry Shale, David and I went to Yipin, the Hunan Chinese restaurant around the corner, which has a very different menu to any Chinese restaurant I've ever been in, anywhere. Admittedly I've not been to your actual China, but I have eaten Chinese food in nearly every other town and country I've ever been in.

Yipin, Islington

They have a really diverse and fabulous menu and you can eat jolly well if you're a veggie there, too. Or not. Either way.

And Kerry has a new show coming in March - the 2000 Year Old Man. Read about that, here - he's recreating the fabulous Mel Brooks Carl Reiner classic comedy routine at JW3.

And as I always like to end with a fab video. Here's one of mine. I'm in that kind of love song mood today. Here's MacColl's beautiful Sweet Thames Flow Softly filmed by above mentioned and wonderful Matthew Lynch.

Come see us at The Purcell Room, and laugh and cry and love with us on Valentine's.

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