Monday, 30 May 2016

A few nice things from New York.....

The 4 night May run at Joe's Pub to launch the new CD Shelter From the Storm were terrific. We had Laurence of course, on piano, Matt Clohesy on bass and Wilson Torres on percussion, and they blew it out of the water. So many friends and fans came down, and some people who's seen The Kate TV show, which has been airing all over the US. You can stream that if you haven't seen it yet, here

I stayed in the East Village with my great friends Jane and Luka, and laughed a lot. Ate at Shanghai Joe's soup dumplings, cycled along the East River and generally had a fab time. I sang at Jim Gavin's celebration and caught up with a ton of old friends and rehearsed for the Connecticut show where Lennie Watts - my co-master teacher, and I are sharing a stage on the Sunday night in August with Tracy Stark on the keys, and hung out with lots of terrific performer friends, and saw Kiki and Herb on my last night give one of their incredible shows. All in all, had a blast.

So here's the cast photo from the Jim Gavin celebration.

With Molly Pop, Carol Lipnik, Tammy Faye, Baby Jane Dexter, Jim Gavin, Christine Andreas, Gaye Marshall, Bernie and Joanna, and Penny Arcade.

Brian Pace came down to Joe's and made a film and interview there, which is here - we talked about singing, and jazz, cabaret and Dylan, Brel and the terrific arrangers working with me, from Laurence Hobgood, through Simon Wallace, Jenny Carr and Adrian York. 

There were some nice photographs too.

With my wonderful friend, Dr Thelma Reyes
 There was a terrific review in the New York Times, here

at Joe's Pub, photo taken by Jane on the first night.

With Brian Pace after the last night's show at Joe's

In mid sing at Joe's photo by Brian Pace.
And then it was back home for a week and a trip up north where I managed to catch the last of the bluebells in Lyme Park, with Mum and Mirek.

Mum and Mirek in the Lyme Park bluebell woods late May 2016.

Mum and I photo by Mirek enjoying the last of the bluebells.

And now another run of dates begins. This time inn Australia, where I'll be - as well as the dates on this poster, in Canberra and at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Some press her come out already and its all here - hope to see you at a show somewhere, soon.

The Byron Echo - here

The Brisbane Times, here -

The Byron interview, here

Arts Review, here -

The Canberra Times, here

And here's the tour except for Canberra and Adelaide for which please go to their sites, here -

Till then, enjoy spring and summer, which is coming - unless you are in Australia, where its autumn!

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