Monday, 1 August 2016

New reviews and en route to Connecticut

Had a gorgeous review lately from AXS magazine which I want to share

and some lovely London shows including Shelter From the Storm at the fabulous 606 club in sweltering heat end of July with Davide Mantovani on double bass and the glorious Barry Green on piano.

Then packed up and set off to New York to rehearse with Tracy Stark and Lennie Watts for our upcoming Connecticut show - if you are in the vicinity of Waterford or New London on Sunday 7th August. Its going to be a lot of fun, particularly the duets!

Walking around New York in the steamy morning I got a beautiful view of the Empire State Building.....

Then to Minnesota where, although I was bitten by a thousand mosquitoes and deer flies, nothing could spoil the beauty of being at Lake Alexander with my Bentler family, brother in law and nephew.

If you haven't seen them there are some great videos on the youtube site, here's one from the recent tour.

and for the season from the new album, which by the way you can find out about here alongside all the back catalogue.

And there have been some beautiful new portraits for the website by Claudio Raschella of Adelaide- see are a couple -

There will be new autumn dates on the website up soon, but check here for the news and whats happening immediately...

and here

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