Monday, 26 June 2017

Sting, Beatles New York City, Liver Birds and more

New York is full of sunshine. I'm at my great friend Jane's house after a few days at John's in the sunshine working on the new material. Ran every day there down to the beach and back up the 200 stairs up the cliff to John's. Then a little rest in the sun.....

The beach walk was always glorious. Its on the Long Island Sound, and the air is fresh and clear.

Wading River Beach front
Then to the city, simmering in the summer sunshine.

And back to the fabulous Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre in downtown NYC for the opening of a new collection John McDaniel and I have been cooking, looking at the work of the prolific and in my view, underrated, Sting, or Gordon Sumner as he was. We opened last week and go a 5 star review straight away in which is pretty wonderful. Its here -

And luckily we managed to get a little bit of video from the first night. Here's a snippet of Roxanne from Float Like a Butterfly - The Sting Project.

Today I managed to get an appointment with The Best Bodyworker in NYC George Russell, and of you are here and have anything body related to check on he's your man.

He's coming to see the show this week - we have 2 more of the shows at Joe's, Tuesday and Thursday.
Tickets are here

and here's a snippet of King of Pain from the show -

Then we are off to The Kate Theatre in Connecticut to sing the Beatles show Come Together, again.

and then to Razz Room at New Hope.

Earl Dax who does our US bookings did a beautiful photo thing for us to celebrate working together again.

Must not forget the end of May Lover Birds Flying Home musical showcase, which I've been working on with the wonderful Mike Lindup from level 42, and George Seaton and James Seabright. Have written the story, too. Really had fun doing that with George and Linda. So we all trooped to Liverpool and put a showcase on to a packed house at the Epstein Theatre, with total standing ovation as a response. Now we have to do some more work on it and hopeful we can open next year. Watch this space. Here's a beautiful photo John Hollingsworth took at the tech rehearsal.

John Hollingsworth's fab photo in Liver Birds Flying Home rehearsals in Liverpool

And thats the week (and a bit of May!) in short. More sooner than later this time, I haven't done any writing for a while and I feel some coming on. Till then, happy summer wherever you are.

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