Tuesday, 30 January 2018

January New York, Florida, Austin, St Louis and Chicago and more coming! Part 1!The

Just back from a superb 2 weeks travelling the length and breadth of the USA with the wonderful John McDaniel.

John and Barb touring January 2018

Just saw a review of our St Louis show, her, by Chuck Lavazzi,


which was lovely, and a blog post about our show in New York, here


by one time editor of Opera News, Brian Kellow. So we're buzzing.

New York was cold but the show was warm, with great friends joining us

The crowd of friends and family at 54 Below January 2018
and a rave response to the new Sting material that we'll be launching in the UK at The Pheasantry on the King's Road on the 15th, 16th and 17th of February. All the UK our details are here


And I fell in love with a little staffie my friends Jane and Luka were fostering, and she stole my heart - here's me in my jim jams and little Minni Moo in a love fest.

Minni Moo and I in a love fest
John and I flew from the cold and went to Miami - I was blown away by the architecture. I've always been a sucker for art deco, and there's so much to enjoy there. Here's a small taste of some of the beautiful buildings we saw.

The birds on the beach Miami

We went from there to Ocean Reef which is like the edge of paradise. Spotted a huge green iguana there, too. That makes everything work while.

The reef at dusk

Palm trees do it every time

Tropical gardens

The mangroves

Hello there Iguana
 And then we were off to Austin Texas which was a treat, Stuart Moulton of Austin Cabaret took us to a fine taco fast food joint, with veggie options. Heaven. From there to John's home town of St Louis, where we saw the famous Arch by night from Kemoll's restaurant.

The St Louis Arch by the Mighty Mississippi at night.
And appeared on Fox2 morning show with interview and a teeny tiny song -

And from there to our January and US stretch end in Chicago. I'd never been there before. The wind comes off the enormous lake the size of a sea, and takes your skin off its so cold. But somehow it doesn't matter. And we managed to walk the famed Pier and also go up the Sears Tower to catch some views - here -

before I headed back to the UK for what will be stage 2. The UK leg of this winter tour of Sting and The Beatles via Barb and John. So I'll leave you with Chicago from the 90th floor and hope to see you at one of the UK shows in Corby, Southend, London (3 nights), Newbury and Delph near Saddleworth and once again all dates are here


So goodnight for now and see you in London!

On the Navy Pier, Chicago.

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