Wednesday, 27 August 2014

End of August - here comes autumn…...

Starting on a great end-of-August week, here's Janet Halsey's film of Everything Must Change from the Pizza Express Gig date in July. Or maybe June.

I love this song so much. We're including it in This Wheels On Fire which hilariously in some listings will be called The Wheel's on Fire due to a cockup in communication someplace recently. I see spellcheck isn't that keen on "cockup" either. Obviously spellcheck hasn't been to see Book Of Mormon. I took my nephew yesterday, hilarious. Recommended to anyone who isn't a Mormon, isn't sensitive about religion, isn't sensitive, and has a sense of satire and humour. Quite camp, too, which always works for me.

All the Corby musicians and choir are on a high from saturdays sold out concert at Corby football ground. It rained cats and dogs, but nothing dampened our spirits. We were pretty much upwards of  110 people on stage - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Antony Weeden, The Head of Snakes musicians (Mark Brennan, Nick Finn, George Reilly, Ian Cameron and Paul Balmer) augmented by Rebecca Bell, Judy Caine and Paula Boulton, the Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir conducted by Gareth Fuller, Nene valley Choir and myself combined. It was some buzz. There'd been several rather long days of rehearsing and months and indeed years of writing and arranging, but the end result - A Song Cycle for Corby, in the Made In Corby's first outing of their Big Nights Out, was something else. My family - indeed nearly everyone's families, came, and Ros Stoddart and David Roxburgh looked after me and my lot so wonderfully. Mirek walked alpacas on Sunday morning, a first for him. In the immediate aftermath we had Sunday lunch in Polegate at Justin's pub and we all headed to our bed rest after an exhausting but exhilarating culmination of all that work and energy. Terry Driver has taken a ton of superb shots - here are just a couple -
The Stage and everyone on it at Corby Football Ground

We're in full swing here.

There is some video footage I'll post when I'm able to handle the technology - there's a film that'll be on Inside Out in the coming month and there was a piece on East Anglia news but I have to get it onto youtube and post it then.

Now I'm stewing some plums - thats not a euphemism - and preparing the material for This Wheels On Fire with Simon Wallace - we open on 30th September for a week at Crazy Coqs. You can book that here - 

And I'm one night with the newly married and my top mate Mari Wilson, on September 7th - 

to remind you of Mari and I in action - 

Meanwhile for friends in the USA - at the end of October I do a 2 week run at 59E59 Theater B with Tracy Stark on piano and Mike Lunoe on percussion. I'm so looking forward to this.

There's something on it already in Broadway World, here - 

So - autumn. Bring it on. I shall spend 4 days in Prague before getting cracking, as we say from up north. See you a show I hope - you can catch up with all the other latest news on the newsletter courtesy of Lena, here - 

See you soon! Happy autumnal equinox! And namaste,

Barb xxx

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