Friday, 3 October 2014

last 2 nights of our London season and remembering Pentangle

So, tonight and tomorrow are the last 2 nights of the new This Wheel's On Fire collection with Simon Wallace on the piano, at Crazy Coqs - been just wonderful so far - great team down there, and a joy to sing the songs. As I'm doing that daily I'm full of copper, brass and gold, like the trees outside the window.

New video here of Blowin' In The Wind made by Simon Wallace recorded by us at his studio - feel free to share it -

Couple of nice reviews -

and here -

and the e-flier is out for the end of October November season in NYC!

And there was a lovely review in the San Diego Reader of Hard Rain - here -

So things are hotting up. It was a busy september, with a ton of rehearsals for the tour of The Little Angel Theatre Production of Bear Hunt - see details here - great cast and wonderful show I'm so proud to have been a small part of. If you have children its for 2 and upwards and its best seen with children because they get SO excited. Total joy.

Here's a snippet -

Meanwhile there are a few things now up on the youtube channel and look out there for more - right now Simon "Scorsese" Wallace is working on a video of Blowin' In The Wind we recorded in part at his studio.

But right now I'm reading JJ Salkeld's Lakeland novels - great on the Lake District - because when I was up there recently I realised I'd forgotten just how stunningly beautiful the Lakes are, and then I found theses detective novels and they're perfect train and bus reading.

And as the day is gorgeous, I'm off for a walk to Battersea Park to say Hi to the Peace Pagoda and think on this world. The Pagoda was given to us by a Japanese Buddhist sect who's whole ethos is Peace.

Battersea Peace Pagoda

Well, I was just about to go out and got sidetracked into listening to old Pentangle material - and as is always the way, I start with Youtube and find this great Jool's clip of the band reformed -

and then before you know it, I'm trailing Jacqui McShee's career - she's seventy now - still performing - there's youtube of her singing a year ago somewhere. Voice still good. And then of course my mind went hurtling back - to all that time, because i'd have been, what, 15? 15 when Light Flight came out, and Take Three Girls - breakthrough drama for the time. And what was I doing when I was 15? Hanging out in Stockport town centre by the bus stops with the other wisfuls, wishing I was older and could have a decent kaftan. I bought my kaftan from a catalogue. You can't make this stuff up. I better go for a walk. But here's some more Pentangle if you are in the mood for recreating the 1960's English folk scene.

And so with that - Namaste! Come see a show.

Come to the mailing list -

And have a wonderful autumn.

And I nearly forgot to say - Bare Again with the late and sadly missed Russell Churney on piano is now available on iTunes and Amazon for pre-order for the first time you can download this - my first solo album recorded 1998 and with three added tracks in 2007 -

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