Monday, 17 November 2014

New York Spalding, the London Jazz Festival and some videos…….

The second week of the 59E59 theatre run of Hard Rain was simply wonderful. So many lovely people stopped by and saw us, including Penny Arcade, Karen Akers, David Finkle, Thelma and Kristine Reyes and friends, Laila Robins and Kaya, Jim Gavin and Tammy Faye, Gail Boyd and husband with Laurence Hobgood, Gaby Massey, Andy Goldberg and family, all the Connecticut crew - John McDaniel, Eric Kornfeld, Matt Baker, Madison DeCoske and Aaron Spivey, David King, David Noh: old friends, new friends, it was wonderful to see everyone and always a surprise to find whoever was there.

Here's Thelma, Kristine, Laila and Kaya after the last show, at Thai Restaurant Room Service on 9th Avenue where the basil rice is just about mind blowing.

David Noh and I
It was a blast. The reviews were wonderful -  thank you Stephen Holden for the New York Times, Tonya Pinkins for Bistro Awards, Will Friedwald at The Wall Street Journal and David Finkle at Fitch Report  which gave us full houses all week.

The New York Times

The Connecticut Team a go go with Emma, Mike, Tracy, Aaron, Matt, Eric, John McD and Madison.

Fitch Report

Mike Lunoe, Tracy Stark and I having too much Pluck The Mango fun in the dressing room.

The Wall Street Journal.

Bistro Awards and Stage Buddy.

The final shows came and went in a blur and before I knew it I was at Joe's Pub for the launch of Jim Gavin's fabulous new study of Peggy Lee, "Its That All There Is?" At last I met the New Standards, Chan, Stevie and John, who rehearsed the song 'Some Cats' with me. Hooked up with Baby Jane Dexter and Holt McCallany at the sound check.

Steve Roehm, Lenny Kaye, John Munson, Baby Jane Dexter, Craig Holiday Haynes, Chan Poling, rehearsal, Joe's Pub, Nov. 10, 2014.
With Holt at the sound check.
Hung out before the show with Hostess with the Mostess, my friend and sometimes landlady - the bestest Jane Buchanan and her gorgeous son, Luka, before heading down to Joe's Pub.

Tammy Faye, Barb Jungr, Carol Fredette, Helen Merrill, , Joe's Pub, Nov. 10, 2014
So many lovely friends, performers and singers down there - Justin Vivian Bond and kenny Mellman, Baby Jane Dexter, Andy Bey, Tammy Faye, Jane Monheit….more about it all and the whole lineup here -

Stevie playing the vibes there like a demon!
Tammy Faye, Lenny Kaye, Joe's Pub, Nov. 10, 2014
The whole night was a riot, Jim was in heaven and righty so, loved up as he was there by everyone, and before I knew it I was back on a plane home.

Justin Vivian Bond, Jim Gavin and Kenny Mellman, Joe's Pub, Nov. 10, 2014.
Had a great rehearsal with Simon Wallace and Davide Mantovani for the Nina collection for the London Jazz Festival, and then headed off up the A1 across the fens to the South Holland Centre in Spalding. Hard Rain there went down a storm, and when we came out it was as though we had slipped back hundreds of years as fog seeped over the marshes and flat fields and across the cobble stones. Drove back much more slowly, accordingly!

Then to the St James Theatre for the London Jazz Festival night. Packed house and Davide on the bass and Simon in heaven with the new Steinway piano there. So, a packed 2 weeks, and this week the Queen Elizabeth Hall as Ian Shaw's guest, Shoreham for Hard Rain and the Isle of Wight with Jamie Safirrudin on piano. Couldn't be happier.

With the New Standards at Joe's Pub for Jim Gavin's book launch.
And now for 2 videos that show the variety of this great world of ours…..

and this

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